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It occurred to me one day that an upright piano is just the right size for a computer desk. I found this wonderful old piano that wasn't worth fixing on the inside so I decided to make it into a desk.



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I cut the front lid into four parts. It now opens like shutters. I put the keyboard and mouse in a drawer. The drawer front is hinged so that it folds down when it is opened. The bottom lid on the piano is cut into two parts with shelves inside for storage. The thing that makes this desk so great is the fact that it closes, hiding the mess I usually leave inside.

Desk No. 1

Owned by Stephen McClard, Benton, IL

DESK No. 2
Owned by Brian Summers, Benton, IL

DESK No. 3
Owned by Rebecca Whittington, Carbondale, IL

DESK No. 4
Owned by Allison Kurtz, Cincinnati, OH

DESK No. 5

Owned by Rich Papke, Pittsburgh, PA

Desk No. 6

Owned by Ron Higgins, TX

Desk No. 7

Randy Stone, Beverly Hills, CA

Desk No. 8

Owned by Stephen McClard, Benton, IL

Desk No. 9