Rehearsal and Performance Attendance

Music practices and performances are required. Any request for an exception must be submitted in writing and approved by the directors two weeks in advance of the conflicting date - except in emergencies. Work is not an acceptable excuse for missing any music event. Our schedule is always announced far enough in advance to avoid conflicts. Parents, please make every effort to schedule regular doctor’s appointments around the music schedule whenever possible. If a change of schedule is necessary, a minimum of two weeks notice will be given. Students are responsible for arriving at each rehearsal and performance on time and properly prepared (properly dressed, instrument ready, music ready). Parents are urged to see that their children take this responsibility seriously.

There will be times, hopefully few, when a member must miss a rehearsal or come late.  It is the responsibility of the member to request from the director an excused absence or tardy, and the request should be made in advance.  Generally, personal illness, family emergencies and religious conflicts are excused.  Medical appointments are not excused unless they are emergencies.  Most importantly, be sure to contact the Director in advance. 

Excusable absences are:

  • Sick from school
  • Doctor’s appt. (if this is a check-up, try to schedule around rehearsal)
  • Death in the family
  • Important family engagement (wedding, vacation/trip)
  • Religious holiday

Non-Excusable absences are:

  • Dentist/Orthodontist appt.
  • Driving test
  • Homework (you must learn to manage your time well)
  • Attending a rock concert or pro-sporting event
  • Birthday
  • Work
  • Trips that aren't given two weeks notice (for example, you know you are going to be at a wedding, and you don’t tell us until the day before you leave)
  • Didn’t have a ride (your section leader or director can help you find a carpool within the band)